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About the PPC

The People’s Party of Canada was launched by Maxime Bernier on September 14, 2018, and was officially recognized by Elections Canada on January 18, 2019.

About Guto Penteado

Guto is a conservative Canadian citizen who always follow his beliefs and principles, he defends a free market economy without government interference, the privatization of Crown corporations, the end of interprovincial trade barriers, the freedom of speech, and Canada’s political sovereignty.Β Guto is a Brazilian immigrant who arrived in Canada more than 19 years ago and believes that immigration policies should focus on recruiting skilled immigrants who will contribute to Canada’s economy. Β He is an entrepreneur and businessman and has a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising & Marketing. Guto lives in Saskatoon, SK since 2002 and loves camping, fishing and hunting. As a gun owner and hunter, he wants a fair and simplified gun policy, and more respect towardsΒ law-abiding gun owners.Β Read more…

About Maxime Bernier - PPC's Leader

Maxime Bernier is known as a dependable politician who speaks his mind. A man of ideas, his belief in personal responsibility and freedom is at the heart of his political vision. In his public statements, he expresses those values and his unwavering commitment to reducing the size of government. Read more…

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