The Cute Little Story Behind Guto’s Logo

Picture above: The 10-year old kid’s drawing (made with colour markers) was the original concept for Guto Penteado’s logo.

The story of Guto’s logo started last May when his 10-year old nephew showed Guto some of his drawings made with colour markers. “The kid knew that I was working on a logo design for my political campaign and decided to help…” Guto said laughing. His nephew, who is a frequent internet user and a big fan of Google, told his uncle that his idea was inspired by Google’s colourful theme, and all kids would love it. It was funny in the beginning, but the adults in the kitchen really liked the idea, especially because “Guto” is not an usual name to remember, and its first syllable’s vowel sound is pronounced as “goo” (Goo-to). This would make easier for people to remember his name. Guto approved his nephew’s logo concept and started the new logo designing process on the following day. The Google logo starts with a capital “G”, but Guto liked the way his nephew draw his logo using a small “g” and decided to keep the original idea.

Guto Penteado posing with his family wearing their brand new t-shirts with Guto’s logo, made especially to surprise him yesterday in celebration of Father’s Day. Guto also got a nice cap with his logo as a Father’s Day gift.

Guto’s 10-year old nephew – the logo creator – and his mom (Guto’s sister) who decided to move to Canada last year. Guto’s brother-in-law died from cancer a few years ago.

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