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#03 | June 2019


Happy Father’s Day to all members of the PPC Saskatoon-University!

Hello Dear Member,

Just a short newsletter with some updates on our 2019 campaign.

SASKATOON-UNIVERSITY EDA: Congratulations to the PPC Saskatoon-University EDA’s new CEO/President (Giovana M. Penteado) and new CFO/Financial Officer (Rosangela Nascimento). Thank you Gage and Mitchel for your hard work and commitment at the EDA for the past few months!

NEW WEBSITE: Our 2019 Campaign’s new website is already online! Please check it out at https://gutopenteado.ca and send us your feedback.

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS: The PPC-Saskatoon University Team needs you aboard! Please take a few minutes to fill out our volunteer form at Become a Volunteer and join our winner team!

PPC SASKATOON MEET & GREET: Come and meet the PPC Candidates representing ridings in the Saskatoon area for the upcoming Federal elections. This event will be hosted by the candidates Guto Penteado, Mark Friesen, Cody Payant and Isaac Hayes; and it will take place at Original Joe’s (8th St.) on June 25 from 7pm to 9pm. Please confirm your attendance at PPC Meet & Greet Event – Facebook !

Please contact me if you have any questions. I really appreciate your support! 

Thank you!

Luiz Augusto (Guto) Penteado

Contact information: 

Cell: 306-717-6674

Email: info@gutopenteado.ca

Guto Penteado & his family

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