Guto Penteado launches campaign from his mobile office at Pizza Pirates parking lot

Guto Penteado and his mobile office RV at Pizza Pirates’ parking lot prior to his campaign launch event on Thursday, September 19th 2019.

More than 50 concerned Saskatoon-University voters visited the pizza establishment to hear People’s Party of Canada candidate Guto Penteado kick off his campaign to become Member of Parliament Thursday evening.

Guto Penteado spoke one-on-one with residents as they enjoyed a beverage and a quick bite from event hosts Pizza Pirates on 115th Street East. Voters expressed concerns for everything from immigration, taxation and foreign policy to Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s latest “blackface” scandal, which broke the previous day.

What I most like about politics is having the opportunity to hear the ideas and concerns from the people I talk to during the campaign.” Guto Penteado said as he addressed attendees at the campaign launch, which also introduced his mobile office, Bus-Zooka.

Our team continues to gain strength on a daily basis and I am proud of the people we have put together in this campaign,” Guto Penteado said.” Being silent about the issues that concern you helps no one. Stepping forward and approaching the public at large in civil discourse is not only important for those wanting to speak out, but for the PPC and all of Canada. It’s time to, once again, normalize logical, common sense conversations to determine what direction we are going to take our country.” 

Guto Penteado’s campaign volunteers on the corner of 115th Street East and Boyd Street

Like (PPC Leader) Maxime Bernier, I believe it is silly to assume the Prime Minister is racist,” said Guto Penteado. “However, it is now apparent Mr. Trudeau is not who he has been presented as. Canadians have every right to be angry, frustrated and disturbed by his hypocrisy.

I am really motivated seeing that the People’s Party message of freedom, fairness, responsibility and liberty is getting through and Canadians are jumping on board,” said Guto Penteado.

Guto Penteado’s speech during his campaign launch event Thursday evening

The People’s Party of Canada Saskatoon-University campaign has now moved into full motion, with canvassers returning to the doorsteps of area neighbourhoods in the coming days.


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The Guto Penteado team still seeks volunteers to help spark real change in Ottawa alongside Bernier.  If you would like more information about how you can lend a hand – or if you would like a lawns sign – send an email to


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