Guto Penteado and Family Attending Brazilian Community Event

Guto Penteado and his wife Giovana at the 2019 Brazilian July Folk Festival


PPC Saskatoon-University candidate Guto Penteado and his family were attending the 2019 Brazilian July Folk Festival promoted by BRASA – Brazilian Association of Saskatoon last Saturday, July 13. The event featured Brazilian traditional carnival games, dance, typical food & beverage, and took place at the St. Volodymyr Ukranian Park & Camp, 10km North of Pike Lake.

One of the event’s highlights was the famous and popular Brazilian “Quadrilha” (square dance). The Square Dance originated in Holland and was also introduced in Brazil, where it became very popular in the 19th century. (continues…)

Guto Penteado and other Brazilian Association members and guests getting ready for the “Quadrilha” (Brazilian Square Dance)

Today, the quadrilha is a tradition at the June Festivals in Brazil. As the name says, these lively celebrations occur in June, but often extend into the following months like this event that took place last Saturday. The events are led by an announcer who calls out the dance steps. The dancers, usually couples, dress in peasant outfits with straw hats and checkered shirts. The traditional quadrilha dance represents a wedding party; the “bride and groom” open the dance, followed by their “guests”, with a lively dance that includes many different steps and moves. The quadrilha is accompanied by an accordion, triangle and drum, as well as a 4-string and 6-string guitar.

Video: BRASA members and guests dancing “Quadrilha” at the event
Video: BRASA members and guests dancing “Quadrilha” at the event

Guto Penteado was a co-founder and board member of BRASA – Brazilian Association of Saskatoon from 2007 to 2009, and he still is a member of this association today.

Photo: Guto Penteado and his wife with some of the event organizers.

Guto Penteado, his kids and nephew with Michael Linklater – Canadian Basketball Player and FIBA 3×3 World Tour Star – who was also attending the event.

Link to Michael Linklater’s 2018 FIBA 3×3 World Tour Mixtape:

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