DARE TO COMPARE: The Parties’ Platforms & Policies

Comparing the PPC’s, Liberal’s, Conservative’s and NDP’s Platforms & Policies

DARE TO COMPARE: You will be surprised!


1 thought on “DARE TO COMPARE: The Parties’ Platforms & Policies”

  1. Like so many other people,I’m grateful that Max is running for Prime Minister. I thank you for all the hard work you’ve done Max . For not giving up when it seemed like the whole country was against you. You held on and held strong. I also want to thank all the dedicated candidates all across this great country of ours for having the courage to stand beside Max. You all are wonderful. Thanks for accepting me. I’ve never done this before,but you so inspired me Max , that I’m actually going to go volunteer door to door for you. HAHA wish me luck . Bye.

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